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Keeping the traditional values of our motto is to produce the cakes in which it contains ingredients derived from nature, with the dexterity of the artisan bakery that created the product bearing the soul of the home country. Bean cake, hemp bread are two types of specialty cakes in Hai Duong. Hai Duong People are proud that nowhere can produce hemp bean cakes and cookies taste and characteristics as in Hai Duong.
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Green Bean Cake Rong Vang Minh Ngoc (Symbol: A2 Quality 330gr)
Price: 22,100  đ
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A3 - Green Bean Cake 180g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 10,700  đ
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A5 - Green Bean Cake 300g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 12,700  đ
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A6 - Green Bean Cake 240g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 13,400  đ
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A9 - Bánh đậu xanh Rồng Vàng Minh Ngọc 260g
Price: 18,200  đ
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A11 - Bánh đậu xanh Rồng Vàng Minh Ngọc 370g
Price: 28,100  đ
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A12 - Green Bean Cake 240g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 18,700  đ
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A15 - Green Bean Cake 300g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 20,100  đ
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A19 - Green Bean Cake 200g Rong Vang Minh Ngoc
Price: 15,200  đ
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How to read food labels
When buying food, consumers usually pay attention to the little label that reads information on the packaging. However, the alert status on quality, hygiene and food safety today, you do not ignore these details.
Specialties Hai Duong
Each dish not only prove tricky, and Responsible for Housewives character of each Locality, moreover, a gastronomic point Cũng Represents the cultural identity, the level of Civilization of each nation. As tropical agricultural country, "paradise" of Thousands of unique agricultural products, from ancient times, Vietnamese people have said nhiều Characteristics food processing. Legend records the origin Dishes
Korea delayed firing exercises
South Korean Defense Ministry has announced to postpone the live firing exercise near the sea border with North Korea, the reason is the dense fog.
    How to read food labels
    Specialties Hai Duong
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