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Korea delayed firing exercises
Tin ngày : 27/12/2010 04:32:39 AM
South Korean Defense Ministry has announced to postpone the live firing exercise near the sea border with North Korea, the reason is the dense fog.
Kim Min-Seok, a spokesman for the defense, postponed the announcement and said that if weather conditions allow, the exercises will be conducted today.

Early this morning to reporters and civilians on the islands of South Korea near the border were ordered into the trenches, when the live firing exercise, expected to last two hours, took place.

Under the plan, exercises begin at 11 am local time (9am Hanoi), in the context of the Korean peninsula is extremely stressful because of threats against each between South and North.

Location exercises, Yeonpyeon Island, where four people died after shelling Korea last month. Pyongyang announced it was firing Seoul to protest the military exercises held on the island then. With 280 civilians on the island.

Security Council United Nations discussed the situation in New York, but did not reach any agreement. Talking to reporters after 8 hours of negotiation, the Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin called the Korean knees cancel their plans. "It is better to hold back exercises at this time, "he said.
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