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How to read food labels
Tin ngày : 27/12/2010 04:30:28 AM
When buying food, consumers usually pay attention to the little label that reads information on the packaging. However, the alert status on quality, hygiene and food safety today, you do not ignore these details.
Expiry date: As a rule, all foods must be recorded on the shelf labels, recording or otherwise, the record does not clearly demonstrate the reliability of the product is poor.

Additives used: If you do not like or are allergic to MSG careful, sometimes the manufacturer is not listed as MSG, but recorded in the chemical name is MSG (mono sodium glutamate). MSG is a super record I & C. ..

Flavors: Permanent artificial flavoring that is very rare because the natural flavor of the food industry. Coloring is similar, both are artificial colors.

Preservatives: sodium benzoate Usually, some K sorbate used to prevent mold. A number of other preservatives such as nitrite / nitrate (commonly used in meat products such as sausage, ham, sausage), red meat, but also to do so because they have limited risk of cancer and if used more frequently .

Animal fat: You should avoid using foods high in animal fat content. If the processing of any food more carefully, they will give you more information about the content of saturated fatty acids (saturated) or unsaturated (unsaturated) in foods contain, but not generally referred to as lipids.

Fiber content (fiber), vitamins and mineral salts.

Artificial sweeteners: This substance is on the label saccharine, aspartame may be the substance, or saccharin, suitable for dieters lose weight or diabetes.

On the label usually lists a series of component materials used, their contents, as required, will follow in descending order catalog. However, the information on labels such as supply of calories, fat, high protein, vitamin ... is actually true for those products or not depends on the honesty of food processing.
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