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Specialties Hai Duong
Tin ngày : 27/12/2010 04:28:21 AM
Each dish not only prove tricky, and responsible for housewives, character of each locality, moreover, is also a gastronomic point represents the cultural identity, the level of civilization of each nation. As tropical agricultural country, "paradise" of thousands of unique agricultural products, from ancient times, Vietnamese people have said many food processing characteristics. Legend also records the origin dishes rice cake thickness represents the concept of "round sky, square earth" was created by the square of agricultural products from the Prince rise Lang Liao Hung Kings.
Origin of this ancient Eastern lands has made guest quarters "to remember, on injured" by the special land attached to each name, village name, street name. Come to the Hai Duong, guests remember pancake killers, and Thanh Ha litchi is no one forget about a dozen green bean cake boxes, cake gai thirty miles Ninh Giang town as a gift to a loved one. The gift was in itself would tell visitors about your first set foot lands, the calculation of financial, human dexterity of Eastern origin, because it s unique culture, as well as the identity of origin can not Run on any country.
Green bean cakes in Hai Duong City

Green bean cakes in Hai Duong specialties are made from animal production is very close: green beans, refined sugar, lard,grapefruit flower oil. The elderly artist s village in the traditional bean cakes in Hai Duong explained that the precious and uniquewheels located at the very stage in detail, requiring ingenuity and sophistication of workers employed . Green beans should coveris blue, yellow hearts, meticulously selected, bringing dry roasted, ground rupture, miscarriage books, small roasting pan for the fire to the yellow bean. Do roasted minced finely finished, people sifted cake used the blood types of all the debris to fine powder,is smooth. Hard fat fresh, skinless, fried in low heat for fat and sweet. Smart fat is fat frying medium fire rate, if too old fry grease,cake will have unpleasant smell; if too young fat cake and the aroma will take days. Sugar crystallization mixing with water, scrubwith egg white. Old Grapefruit scent of flowers to add, all evidence taken root catechumens oil. Four ingredients are mixed well in a reasonable proportion, to close the gate, wrapped in cellophane, then close the box.
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